Troubleshoot:C:\Documets opens on startup. How do I stop this?

C:\Documets opens on startup. How do I stop this?

I just noticed that C:\Documents is opening automatically on statup.
I'm running Windows XP SP3 on an IBM Thinkpad.
I'm unable to eliminate this by looking in msconfig & doing a selective start up
My confort level in regedit is a bit low; but, I'll go in if necessary.
When I boot in safe mode the issue does not show up.
Any help is appreciated

Solutions to the Problem C:\Documets opens on startup. How do I stop this?

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Hi Dwayne,
The fact that it does not occur in Safe Mode but does in Normal Mode rules out a lot of nasty possibilities and sincerely limits the potential causes.  The short version is something happened to create a startup entry without your awarenenss and we need
to find it to see what it really is (it may be trying to do something different) and decide how to address it.
Try a clean boot in XP http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310353 and
If the problem goes away then it's just a matter of tracking down the culprit causing the problem.
Follow the procedures in
the article.
Once found, delete, remove, deactivate, modify, or uninstall it.
Once done be sure to reset your system back to normal status as explained in the procedures.
If the problem occurs in clean mode then just restore the system to normal status and
reboot - this solution is not going to work.
If this problem started recently, try a System Restore to a point prior to the problem.
Here's the procedure for XP:
If the problem persists, then let's switch to a better tool than MSCONFIG to try to see what's really going on.  Please download, install, and run Autoruns

http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902 in the Show Everything Tab view.  This not only will give you a far better picture of what is running from pretty much any source, tell you the file location, tell you the associated registry location
of some of the entries where that's applicable, but also allow you to turn it off as easily as with MSCONFIG.  However, a word of caution.  Unlike MSCONFIG where unchecking what you see in terms of startup programs is not a problem (as long as you stay there),
Autoruns in this view mode is very powerful and it is possible to uncheck something that would be very bad to uncheck - so be careful (as careful if not more careful than you'd be in the registry).  Used right, it'll probably ID the culprit if the above didn't
do it (and feel free to post back with what you find or see if in doubt - or post a screenshot or create a file to post online and provide a link to it here all of which I can provide procedures to do if you don't know how to do them - rather than guess). 
I'd rather you do nothing and consider this not to have worked than to guess and check or uncheck the wrong thing - so be sure or post here to make sure or don't do anything.  Those are common sense things for anything and pretty much what I'd be saying
about the Registry as well, but you're probably not familiar with this program and may underestimate it by thinking it's just a more advanced version of MSCONFIG (which is, in essence, what it is) and feel equally comfortable making changes (which you should
not but instead be thinking registry-level consequences and just as much of a need to KNOW before doing anything).  The real problem is that you can disable some function which will not allow the system to start or get to anything to undo what you did.  I
do not want to scare you off from what can be and is an excellent tool.  I do want you to respect it for the power it has. 
I hope this helps.
If not, post back and we'll look into other less likely but possible options such as infections, device driver or program conflicts, and/or system file corruption - but I honestly think one of the above will do the trick for you
or together we can review what you see and what happens and find the solution. 
There are other tools that may prove helpful in terms of seeing what is running such as Process Explorer or Process Monitor, and we can/will consider them later if needed (and perhaps even simply as additions to your "toolbox" to deal with these types
of problems in the future), and a great many more (plus procedures) to deal with and avoid infections and greatly improve your security if we end up going that route if that's the underlying cause of this startup item having been added or only partially added
(which may have been a lucky break) - and we can talk more about those as well if we end up on that path or simply if you wish to try to improve things beyond just addressing the question you asked.  To me, help is not only answering your question, but going
a bit further while we're working together to address other things that tend to be overlooked if something like this can happen.  Whether you choose to accept that additional help or just want to deal with only the question is your decision. 
Yes, I suppose we should be able to find it somewhere in the registry, but it really shouldn't come to that.
The interesting thing for me (even though I use Vista) is that Windows Explorer opens at startup IF it was open at shutdown but not if it was closed at shutdown - and I did that on purpose.  So I suspect that can't be all that different than what's
happening here.   My personal philosophy is to not only look at a question, but to try to look at the overall situation and not only deal with the specific question but the underlying things that may have caused it and what might be done to improve the system
to avoid such issues in the future (and sometimes sneak in a few other suggestions that come to mind under my "if this is the case, this other thing probably could also use some attention" approach). 
Not everyone uses this approach, but I think of it like someone who calls a plumber to fix a pinhole leak in a pipe and the plumber doesn't address the reason may be acid water etching away the copper to the point where more and more leaks will occur
unless the pipes are replaced (with PVC vs.
copper) and/or a whole house filter is installed to reduce further degradation if it isn't already too late.  But I'm beginning to get off-topic here.
For now, one step at a time and caution all along the way.
Good luck!
P.S.  When done, we'll discuss a way to potentially avoid similar startup items from surprising you by using WinPatrol (which can alert you to changes and prompt you to decide whether or not to allow them before making the changes).  I personally use
MSCONFIG, Autoruns, and WinPatrol - all three - for what each does best (MSCONFIG with Clean Boots, WinPatrol for real-time monitoring and as my primary startup management tool, and Autoruns when I need to know the most information possible).  But we're getting
ahead of ourselves.  First let's address your problem - then we'll try to avoid it in the future.  Then discuss some of the other things mentioned above if you want to do so.

Because of this C:\Documets opens on startup. How do I stop this? error, Windows can fail in starting some processes and the system's performance can significantly slow down. In some cases, Windows has problems starting up and the system can freeze.

Lastly, this error C:\Documets opens on startup. How do I stop this? can even result in the Blue screen of death error message, just like other critical Windows errors. If any of the above problems and symptoms occur in your PC, then you should immediately seek to resolve this problem.

In order to resolve C:\Documets opens on startup. How do I stop this? error or repair the corrupted and damaged Windows files, you will need a C:\Documets opens on startup. How do I stop this? error repair tool. There is more than one method of treating this kind of error code, and here is how you can manually do it:

  1. Start the computer and log in as administrator
  2. Go to the start button and select All Programs. Go to Accessories, System Tools, and then System Restore
  3. Click on System Restore and in a new window, select the 'Restore my computer to an earlier time's option and click Next
  4. On the new confirmation window that appears, click Next
  5. Restart your computer after the restoration has been completed

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